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Lumley Beach, Freetown

New Year’s day 2013 at the popular Lumley beach, in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Picturesque View of the Mountains

A sight to behold – of the mountainous regions of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone International Airport, Lungi

View of the international airport based in Lungi, Sierra Leone.

Building Project Overlooking the Atlantic

Building construction set on the hills above Number 2 beach

Sunset at Kent Beach

Kent is located on the peninsular and hosts the stunning Kent Beach.

Historic Building Used to Keep Slaves

This building in Kent, was used to keep slaves waiting to be shipped across the Atlantic ocean during the transatlantic slave trade.

Number 2 Beach

Another view of the popular Number 2 beach where there are many activities.

Number 2 Beach, Freetown

Another very popular white sandy beach, frequented by tourists and local people.

Market Area of Rawdon Street, Freetown

This is a busy market in the centre of Freetown.

Bureh Beach

Named after Bai Bureh, the 19th century military ruler and cleric, this is a small, serene and clean beach located along the Freetown peninsular.

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Number 2 Beach

The white sandy Number 2 beach along the Freetown peninsular.

The Iconic Cotton Tree, Freetown

This is the famous Cotton Tree, in the centre of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Tokeh Beach

The beautiful white sandy beach in Tokeh, less than 20 miles from Freetown.

A View Over Hill Station, Freetown

A spectacular view of the Atlantic ocean over the landmark area of Hill Station, in Freetown.

Ocean View

A beautiful view of the Atlantic ocean over the peninsular of Freetown.


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